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Which are the best points of interest in Mumbai, and how do I travel in the city

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The Gateway Of India
The Gateway of india, one of the most prominent landmark of the city, was built in 1924 by the British government in India to welcome King George 5 and Queen Mary. The Gateway of india is one of the india’s most important port that formally symbolizes the British spectacular elements.

Located in the Apollo Bander’s waterfront area, today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mumbai. People from all over the world will gather to see this monument. The Indian gateway is a landmark signifying India’s major port and is a remarkable holiday destination for guests visiting Indian bases surprisingly. At one point, this landmark talked about the greatness of a British mansion in India. The most beloved place for visitors, more recently, this landmark attracts sellers, food shops, and photo enthusiasts. The design plan of the gateway in India consists of a vast curved line at a height of 26 m. The landmark works with yellow basalt and insoluble cement. The basic arrangement of Gateway in India is outlined in Indo-Saracenic style. Highlights: You can also find hints of Muslim buildings. The focal arch of the landmark is about 48 feet in distance and 83 feet in overall height. The four turrets planned with multifaceted lattices are outstanding components of the overall structure of the Indian gateway. There is a step behind the curve of the gateway that encourages the Arabian Sea. Landmarks are organized to welcome and send ships and visitors, witnessing the vast width of blue blankets.

Admission: Admission is free.
Location: Indian gateway Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Insider Tip: Next time visit Mumbai, try out the very popular local street food here while exploring India’s wonderful gateway please look. Take a walk around the tallest amazing gate and click some memorable pictures with a beautiful background during the sunset

2. Worli seaface
Favorite Hangout, located in the south of the beautiful sea link from Bandra, Worli Sea Face is another of Bombay’s promenade. Located at the top of the city, experiencing the magnificent monsoon, the angry waves are becoming prominent.

The magnificent view of Bandra Worli Sea Link is another sight that must not be overlooked. Worli-Bandra Sealink, commonly called Rajiv Gandhi Sagar Setu, is located in Worli Sea Face. It connects the island of Worli to Bandoli Island on the Arabian Sea. The worli sea face is one the most shocking places to visit in Mumbai. The territory extends from Fort Wori in the north to Narayan Pujali in the south. Worli Seaface is an amazingly beautiful purpose of considerable time enthusiasm, a very well-known shooting area of ​​Indian cinema, Worli Seaface is open 24 hours.
Highlights: The most busy Mumbai in the city is the Sea face promenade. Ideal for exploring in the morning or the evening. During the storm, the waves jumps to the terrain and hundreds of people create an exciting environment to visit this place during the bad weather.

Distance from Mumbai: Worli Sea face is 13.4 km from Mumbai. You are looking for some exhilarating jog in the morning then head towards Worli Sea Face. This overall location can be enjoyed most during the monsoon.

3. Marine Drive
Marine Drive called popular Queens Necklace is a 4 km long walking trail in South Bombay. It is one of the most beautiful roads in Mumbai, which can be seen in a bird’s-eye view at night, but the entire light resembles a queen’s necklace.

People are lively in the evening. People relax and admire watching the great scenery and stroll along the promenade overlooking the surprisingly therapeutic Arabian Sea to the soul. Chai-wallas, Chat · Wallas is another must-see sightseeing spot in Mumbai. People are watch the beautiful sidewalk and watching the evening sunset. A wonderfully decorated palm tree provides an exciting backdrop to its guests. Marine Drive is said to be “Queen’s necklace” because of street lights that make the road look like a pearl and create the illusion of a necklace. Marine drive is considered the best route for night walks.

Highlights: The Arabian Sea’s shining seas and amazing marbling wind tickles your hair and offers nice snacks and drinks along with long clusters of restaurants. For the elderly, you can visit Nananani Park, a popular tourist attraction of Mumbai recently. The 3 kilometer ocean drive is a distinctive cove, and it also constitutes a part of Mumbai’s famous horizon. Distance from Mumbai: The marine drive is at a distance of 25. 2 km from Mumbai. Tip: Marine Drive is another attractive place in Mumbai. This place is known as the inspiration of artists, musicians and poets come here. pend time with your friends or family gazing at the remote ocean while drinking tea.

4. Juhu Beach
Juhu is defined as one of the largest and most popular beaches in India. This is a hot spot for elite celebrity’s home and witnessing the movie personality located in the suburbs of the city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mumbai.

Tourists across the country love the beach. It is also a paradise for food culture hosting stalls that make street food. Considering the calm climate and magnificent excellence, the inspector visits this coastline. Juhu Beach is famous for its nearby generous blessings and road nutrition. Eating habits slow, setting up here brings an incredible cooking style, things get nibbled. People in Mumbai can visit this coastline and enjoy a bleak day. This is one of the most famous places in Mumbai.
Highlights: A vision like a vision of a visitor to the coastline, immersing a dreamy sunset in the evening of the huge Arabian Sea. Road nutrition such as ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Bhel Puri’, ‘Pav Bhaji’, recently some of the pleasures offered at the coastline are slowing down. There are famous Italian restaurants such as Little Italy, Mangifera, Don Giovanni, Penne etc. In a high-quality restaurant located near Juhu Beach, there is a famous famous ocean floor claim. Here you can visit bars and discos which are the connections of the youth of the zone. “Gandhi Gram” is located at the northern end of the coastline, where young people regularly use late spring excursions sports such as B ball, cricket, football regularly.
Distance from Mumbai: Juhu Beach is about 5.9 km from Mumbai.Insider. Hint: Juhu Beach is certainly a wonderful Hangout spot in Mumbai. I had a wonderful time with my friends on this beach, Please don’t forget to try exotic “Pani Puri”, “Bhel Puri”, “Pav Bhaji” once. Also explore the statues of freedom warriors and other important figures here. You can always jog along the sand to burn extra calories.

5. Colaba causeway market
From inexpensive road clothes to trendy boutiques, there is everything on this road that houses the British Raj’s old buildings. Colaba Causeway, also called Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, is a business road, and there is a remarkable street and land between Colaba and Old Woman’s Island in Mumbai, India.

You can walk around the trail and find the latest clothing, shoes, tote bags and even jewelry in the latest style, but you can also challenge one of the boutiques to appreciate beautiful decoration and clothing. Road merchants offer the latest forms at disposable costs. It can be expected that everything will be considered. It is always wonderful to invest some energy here. You do not know what to discover. You can find “fixed rate” boards made up of stores on the urban side, but you need to know how to handle and reduce costs. It looks like a very normal Indian Road Bazaar. Since it is carrying the adjacent gateway and the sea, it is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Location: The Colaba Causeway market is located in Bakery Ln, Army Area, Nofras, Navy / Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai. , Maharashtra 400005
Insider Tip: If you are looking for some good shopping spots in Mumbai, the Colaba Causeway Market is the perfect place for you. Here you show shopping skills while negotiating in the market, and buy great things here. Also you can taste Parisi, Sindhi and European cuisine.

So above are the top 5 spots to visit when you are here in Mumbai.

Travelling in the city
If you want a comfortable drive without wasting a lot of time, hire ola or uber just need to install the app from the app store.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money in travelling use local train and Kali peeli taxis but don’t forget to keep a map with you.

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