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Best Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me In USA

Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

America has excellent hotel, motel and guesthouses at reasonable prices for tonight. While most of these affordable hotels near me are now small or medium in size, there are a few hotel and motel chains that are also citing the budget conscious traveler. Some of them offer cheap weekly rate for long staying guest.

The location and facilities of cheap motels under $200 a week near me also determine the price of motels for tonight in the United States. The central US is relatively more expensive than Scotland, the Western County, or the Highlands and Islands.

In the West Country, places like Cornwell, Devon, have some of the best options for travelers on a budget. There are many festivals that take place in Somerset that draw tourists in crowds.

This time you will find the cheap motels under $300 a week near me filled to the brim. Apart from these seasonal hotels and B & Bs, there are many places that keep their doors open all year round.

How To Find Best Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

sometimes referred to as extended stay motels or apartment hotels if you are new to an area, are only moving there temporarily, are low income and cannot afford your own apartment, or if you have a eviction that is hurting your credit and your apartment applications are constantly being denied.

Best Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me In USA

You may be tempted to go to the roommates section on Craigslist, but what you need to know is that it can be uncomfortable and unsafe to live with someone you don’t really know.

You can also forget about crashing at a friend or relative’s home because it can wear down your welcome very quickly; you don’t want to get in the way of someone else’s style.

You will have your privacy if you live in a weekly motel. It will not be a burden on anyone, and there is nothing better than having your “own place” to sleep after a long day at work.

Top 10 Cheap Motel Chains With Weekly Rates Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me For Tonight in USA

Best Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me
Best Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

Here is a list of weekly motels that have generally offer affordable rates and decent accommodations:

  • Motel 6
  • Super 8
  • Days Inn
  • America’s Best Value Inn
  • Ramada by Wyndham
  • Travelodge
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Econo Lodge
  • Microtel Inn and Suites
  • InTown Suites

1. Motel 6

Motel 6 is one of the most popular cheap motel chains in the US. Motel 6 motels are focused on keeping the price as low as possible while providing their guests with the comfort they need after long days by car or walking.

Motel 6 has implemented a nationwide renovation program that aims to keep guests satisfied and make every room in the motel modern, stylish, and functional. However, this not all.

Another goal of these renovations is to make rooms more energy efficient and easy to maintain, helping the Motel 6 keep prices as low as possible and make budget travelers happy. Some of the property of this motel chain offers Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me for budget travellers.

2. Super 8 Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

Another very popular budget motel chain is called Super 8. In fact, there are over 2,000 Super 8 locations in the world, most of which are in the US It is part of Wyndham Worldwide, incorporating many others. hotel and motel brands.

Super 8 also keeps its prices as low as possible; however, unlike the Motel 6 locations, you get more for your money. Internet is included in the price and you can also enjoy a continental breakfast at each Super 8 motel.

If you’re willing to pay a little more for a much more comfortable stay (generally speaking), you should probably go for Super 8 over the aforementioned Motel 6. In some places you may find cheap weekly motels under $200 a week near me for budget friendly long staying guests.

3. Days Inn

The Days Inn brand offers a variety of room options. Days Inn is generally found in more densely populated cities and is a full service property with all the amenities associated with a hotel. Days Inn, Days Suites, and Days Inn & Suites may offer full service or limited service.

Prices average between $50 and $110. The use of the term “hotel” in reference to the Days Inn can be misleading given the definitional distinction between hotel and motel. The property is considered a two-star hotel, which, in hotel industry jargon, means that it is basic and clean, but offers far fewer amenities than the average hotel. They are typically less than five stories tall and are generally well located to accommodate overnight motorists who will continue on their way the next day.

4. America’s Best Value Inn Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

In the last 13 years, they have grown from 2 properties to over 1000 locations throughout North America. Although they have grown so fast, quantity has not come before quality, which is rare today. It is perfect for all types of travelers, including families, seniors, or business professionals.

Definitely a stay that you will not regret. The staff are very friendly, understanding and go out of their way to help you, it is truly extraordinary.

The rooms are extremely clean and the beds are comfortable. What more could you wish for? They have one of the best breakfast specials and the housekeepers are amazing with lovely personalities too. If you need a place to sleep, this is the perfect option.

Free parking is included, internet is really high speed, making it suitable for businessmen. It is perfect for non-smokers and there is also a self-service washing machine where you can wash your clothes.

They are pet friendly and they even have an outdoor pool for your free time. They even have a room for business meetings. Find motels under $200 a week near me in different locations of this motel chain.

5. Ramada by Wyndham

Ramada by Wyndham is a hotel chain that owns and manages all types of affordable properties around the world.

Precisely for this reason, this chain offers countless possibilities to all types of travelers around the world. From solo travelers to families to couples, there is always an option that meets everyone’s needs.

The standard room offers amenities such as a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour front desk to help make your stay more secure and satisfying.

Some properties also have pools, playgrounds, restaurants, and sometimes free parking and a decent free breakfast. It depends on the continent and the city you are heading to. For extended stay find motels under $200 a week near me.

6. Travelodge Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

If you are looking for motels under $200 a week near me Travelodge is one of the best choice.

Travelodge offers amazing accommodations across the United States and around the world as well. They started in 1935 when building contractor Scott King opened the first one.

It became popular immediately and was fully booked for an entire year. Because the demand was there, it began to slowly expand and now the chain has more than 40,000 guest rooms. Most of them have a cage-style bar / restaurant on site and are always centrally located, making the ideal base for travel, hence the name Travelodge.

They treat your experience with the utmost care, so they go out of their way to make sure your room is perfect for your needs. They include a beautiful clean shower, a large desk and a TV with Freeview and WIFI. You even get tea and coffee making facilities.

Some rooms include blackout curtains, LED lighting, and lots of power throughout the room with a USB desk and bedside charging points. The employees are friendly and welcoming and will make sure your stay is as pleasant as possible. We definitely recommend staying at Travelodge.

7. Red Roof Inn

All Red Roof Inn hotels and motels are easily distinguished by their red roof, which gives this chain of inexpensive US motels its name.The brand covers more than 500 locations in the US, the majority of which are found in the south and east of the country.

Cheap Motel Chains With Weekly Rates Near Me
Cheap Motel Chains With Weekly Rates Near Me

Like Motel 6, Red Roof Inn is also pet friendly and is a great option if you are traveling with your faithful animal companion.

Red Roof Inn is a cheap motel chain. It provides motels under $200 a week near me at some of its property to extended stay.

8. Econo Lodge Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

Econo Lodge is another great option for a budget traveler looking for great value for money. It has nearly 1000 locations in the US, most of which are conveniently located in close proximity to the major highways that you will find yourself on during your road trip.

All Econo Lodge locations offer a free breakfast to give you the energy you need for another long day of travel and exploration.

Econo Lodge is provides econamical accommodation to their customers. You may find cheap motels under $200 a week near me for long stay.

9. Microtel Inn and Suites

Microtel Inn and Suites is another hotel chain owned by Wyndham Worldwide. Microtel often ranks at the top of consumer satisfaction surveys and is also a great option to stop over on your road trip.

Yes, it is a chain of hotels, not a chain of cheap motels for homeless, but the Microtel rooms are still very affordable. Microtel Inn and Suites is considered a budget option, however it is not as cheap as the Motel 6, for example. But some of the motels have provide special discounted rate for weekly travelers and you may find motels under $200 a week near me.

The good news is that the price difference will likely be noticeable as soon as you enter your room.

10. InTown Suites Motels Under $200 a Week Near Me

This chain of motels is a widely known extended stay lodging with approximately 200 locations in 22 states in the US In Town Suites staff look forward to their valued guests settling in for a while, ensuring your comfort with special touches during their stay.

When you stay at InTown Suites, you’ll receive weekly housekeeping, free local calls with voicemail, and high-speed internet access. All basic services are included with your stay.

You can attend to business or simply relax and rejuvenate, knowing that these important details are taken care of by the attentive staff at InTown Suites.

Several InTown Suites locations have been recently renovated, adding built-in wardrobes, upgraded mattresses, redesigned kitchens, and other comforts of home to all of their Standard, Comfort, and Premium rooms. Even the exteriors of various locations have been renovated so that the feeling of coming home begins before entering your suite.

While long-term guests at In Town Suites enjoy an elevated extended-stay experience, they also enjoy reasonable rates per night, week, or month. Find motels under $200 a week near me in different places.


Do hotels let you pay monthly?

Can you rent hotel rooms for a month? In a word – YES! You can rent hotels for a month or more practically anywhere in the world. Extended-stay hotels look just like the room you’d book for a few days or a week.

How long can you stay in a hotel?

You can stay as long as the property allows, although rates may fluctuate over time. Although these hotels can hypothetically accommodate guests for a night or two, most see guests staying five to seven days minimum, as that is when the discounts apply. But there are some rare exceptions.